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Retain and attract customers

Loyalty strategies


Transactions-based loyalty

Customers are encouraged to increase their purchase frequency and amount spent in order to achieve the number of points that grants them the desired benefit. They will therefore choose your retail points over your competitors.

Barriers to change


Campaigns-based loyalty

Segment your campaigns and catalogues according to your customers’ preferences. This will increase your sales success probability and decrease de indecision period.

Success of Campaigns
Effective communication


Contractual loyalty

A contract is established which obliges the client to consume your services for a pre-defined period.
Before the termination of the loyalty period the customer must be confronted with a promotion that should arouse his interest and lead to a new loyalty contract.

Predictability of cash flows


Loyalty through “word-of-mouth”

There is no better publicity than that which is made by your clients towards their friends.
Social networks have become the preferred space to exchange experiences - good and bad. It is also a way to raise new customers and to perceive who has an influence on the community or customers and who has not adhered to your loyalty program.

Business reputation