01:09 Wednesday, 14-Apr-2021

How does it work?

The truly+ platform allows for several configurations so that the loyalty programs can be adapted to your business. It also includes management features for:

  • Product categories;
  • Products;
  • Catalogs/Segments;
  • Redeem conditions (credit points/immediate discount);
  • Credit points (bonus, purchase, loan);
  • Contractual loyalty;
  • Vouchers;
  • Channels;
  • Stocks;
  • Entities.

Truly+ configurations are modular – according to your needs. Truly+ can be easily parameterized, and you can always rely on our staff to help you whenever needed:


Adapt the loyalty program to your business requirements

Configure categories, products, segments, catalogues, credit/discount points, vouchers, channels and existing products in your store.


Configure entities for your loyalty program

Define which critical customer data you need to know, define operators that will help you manage and operate your program and include their respective stores and PoS.


Member registration and credit point accumulation

At the initial purchase under your loyalty program, gather the client’s name, telephone number and email at the PoS and instantly award him the credit points earned at that purchase.


Points Redemption

In order to rebate a product from the catalogue the client will need to fill-out of a form (online or at the store through the PoS) requested by the platform. If his account has the required amount of credits, the product will be delivered and the respective amount of credit points will be deducted from his account.