01:44 Wednesday, 14-Apr-2021

For whom is this intended for ?

AgileFactor created, developed and maintains a loyalty incentive program called trulyPlus®. This program manages the benefits, products and services offered by all adhering companies.

Truly+ allows the association of clients allowing them to become members of the loyalty program and lets them choose their preferred program for accumulating credit points and for getting benefits, products or services according to their preference.

According to the data confidentiality policy in force, personal data of members are property of each member companies. These also includes member login which is individually managed by each program.

Small and Medium companies

AgileFactor developed a loyalty platform that is distributed as a SaaS (Software as a Service). This enables small and medium sized businesses to profit from innovative loyalty features that were only available for larger companies.

Large companies

Large companies will find in the truly+ platform all the scalability, reliability, usability, security, support and features that are essential to the proper operation of large loyalty programs that require tens of thousands of movements per month.

AgileFactor has several payment modes for large scale organizations which may range from licensing to ‘renting’ and to ‘success fee’.