05:59 Saturday, 15-May-2021

Gains and Benefits


Know your customers

Truly+ allows you to define the characteristics of your customers, and helps you to assign them to groups that have identical behaviors and needs[+]


Offer innovative sales channels

O truly+ enables you to communicate your products through several channels and with tailored conditions[+]


Provide interactive catalogues

Create catalogues that offer exclusive benefits and improved sales conditions for your best clients[+]


Out-of-the box PoS terminals

24x7 access through GPRS channel (Smartphone or Automatic Payment Terminal) or SMS (any mobile phone) or Web Backoffice[+]



Our agents are always there to help your make the best decisions for your loyalty program[+]


Dispose of complex or expensive systems

Get rid of any system that is complex or expensive to maintain.

Truly+ is provided as a SaaS. Therefore you will not incur in any costs regarding infrastructure, system maintenance or upgrades![+]