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Services available

Loyalty model with or without card

Loyalty model based on credit point accumulation or direct discount

Behavioral analysis/ client segmentation

Special conditions (credit points)

Credit point availability

Credit point expiration

Access to innovative sales channels

Stock control

Voucher issuing/utilization

Entity management

Loyalty Cards

Truly+ offers custom card printing functionalities with customer data personalization, including photo, name as well as any other required information preferred, there is a ‘cardless’ option, which excuses your client from accumulating more cards in his wallet and simplifies the membership process as well as the accumulation and redemption of credit points.

Credit point attribution / direct discount

With each use the customer accumulates a number of credit points proportional to the amount spent. The standard conversion is of one monetary unit to one credit point. These can then be used as discount credits when acquiring products from a loyalty catalogue. For instance: a mobile phone may me purchased from the catalogue for 100€ + 1000 credit points or for 150€ + 400 credit points. The value of each credit point may be the same for all products or may have different values for each product. Optionally, the platform can operate in direct discount mode. In this option the client has access to the discount because he is a member of the loyalty program, but does not need to accumulate credit points.

Behavior analysis / client segmentation

The best customers want to be recognized as such. Truly+ lets you define the characteristics that define each customer group according to their behavior and needs, so that you can have different catalogues with specific products or even differentiated acquisition conditions for each identified segment. A customer belonging to a specific segment will know how to alter his relationship with the company in order to be admitted at a higher-level segment. This policy encourages ‘best client’ behaviors.

Special conditions (credit points)

Clients from top segments may use credit points to gain access to the products catalog even if their balance has not reached the required level. Since they are recognized as good customers, they don't need to wait to have access to the desired product and can accept, cumulatively, any of the following advantages, in a pre-set order:

  • Bonus credit points
  • Purchase of credit points
  • Loan of credit points

Credit Point provision

Credit points may be immediately granted to a client (by omission) or can be granted after a predetermined frame of time. In this case the points are initially recorded in the accounting balance of the Member and later transferred into his available balance.

Credit Point Expiration

Unused credit points will be removed from account balance as soon as they reach expiration date. Optionally, the client can be informed in advance of the total credit points that are about to expire. This may be a way to re-engage customers into your loyalty program, and encourage them to purchase items in your stores.


Truly+ enables you to present your products in several channels and with differentiated conditions. Some products may only be available through the Online and Stores channels, other may only be available through the SMS channel while the retention channel linked to the contact center may offer all products at more attractive rates in order to retain customers that are about to leave the network.


Managing your company's products and those of your partners in the loyalty catalog in all available channels involves integration with the ERP of the various actors. Truly+ can manage this integration, even in cases where adaptations of the integration are needed for the systems. As an alternative, truly+ can provide simple stock management functionalities which allow you to define from warehouse to warehouse the stock of every product of the loyalty program.


Vouchers are the best way to integrate with your partners, thus promoting cross-selling. The definition of which products can be converted into vouchers for the use of your clients or for the use of other beneficiaries appointed by the client is carried out at back-office level. Requested vouchers can be received through different channels, from Web site to SMS, or even through the client’s preferred channels. Vouchers can then be printed for presentation at, for example, a Movie Theater or, in the case of SMS vouchers, the voucher number must be presented at the ticket office. Vouchers can therefore be available in a great variety of formats and can be printed according to your preferred standard (bar code, QR-code, etc.) as configured at back-office level. Vouchers have a finite validity, can be associated with customers and can even allow several utilization types. A typical example for a voucher is: ‘valid for two entries in a movie theatre until 11/23/2012’.


There are several available profiles that interact with the platform at various levels of interaction:


Each member company will have a login access which will enable it to access all configurations needed to parameterize a loyalty program


Operators are associated to partners and have access to some functionalities offered by the platform which will allow them to work at stores either with PoS or directly at the platform’s back office application.


Truly+ agents have the same access level of a partner and, together with AgileFactor, can provide support to businesses for the following areas:

  • Consulting services for Marketing
  • BackOffice suporte for truly+

Each participant company will be associated with an agent that will provide all-round support as needs, ranging from catalogue configuration to telephone, web or email assistance.


Partners can add to the number of stores that wish and parameterize operators and stock reserved for the loyalty program.

PoS terminals

Each PoS that interact with the platform needs to be registered into truly+ and must be associated with a store.