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Frequent Asked Questions

What is truly+?

Truly+ is an innovative loyalty platform that offers all the features you will need to attract and retain customers for your business.

I own a company. How can I become a member?

I would like to see a demonstration. How do I proceed?

What is the truly+ PoS?

Truly+ PoS is a out-of-the-box solution that lets you interact with the truly+ platform from the very beginning through any smartphone that has the Android v2.1 or superior.

To know if your smartphone supports the truly PoS software, please send us email with brand and model to comercial@agilefactor.pt.

Which services are available through the platform?

The platform offers several services such as the emission of a personalized loyalty card, new sales channels, customer segmentation, catalogues, credit points, etc…

How are the products request online delivered to customers?

Delivery and delivery costs of all products sold online are responsibility of the member company.

Do I pay every time I request support from my agent?

Specialized support from our agent is free for your first catalogue.