06:00 Saturday, 15-May-2021

Customer’s loyalty to just one provider is an increasingly rare occurrence. Customers nowadays tend to swap operators at a moment’s notice based on seemingly better offers, diluting their acquisition potential among several competitors.

The positive results obtained in a competitive market such as Portugal can attest the effectiveness of traditional loyalty programs where customer retention is the most cost effective way to increase sales and defend market share..

Truly+ allows the creation of a network of business partners, contributing to increase the visibility of the loyalty program, thus enabling the establishment of a loyal community of customers.

Main features

  • Simplifies the enrolment into customer retention program
  • Attracts new customers through the diversity of products offered
  • Creates barriers to changes of operators
  • Segments customers according to their behavior, buying potential and value to market
  • Innovative sales channels
  • Leverages the SMS and GPRS channels to communicate in the geo-temporal context of your customer
  • Leverages the “word of mouth effect” in the social networks – the best publicity is made by satisfied clients
  • Provides an out-of-the-box Android ™PoS

Direct Benefits

  • Major decrease of churn rate
  • Increase in ARPU
  • Tax benefits arising from the provision of points
  • Pricing segmentation enabling a better use of the installed capacity
  • Sales boost for new products
  • Disposal of stock
  • Promotes sales of loyalty services
  • Creation of an innovative, hard to imitate community