06:35 Saturday, 15-May-2021

Segment your customers according to their relationship with the Bank and the value they represent according to domiciled salary, loans and investments held, separating them into private, enterprise, investors or premium customers.

For each segment there is a value proposition appropriate to the interests, habits and preferences of each client. This proposition will grant access to discount vouchers in premium products exclusive to those who value this distinction, as well as the accumulation of credit points, encouraging the use of credit cards.

Main features

  • Characterization and segmentation of member clients
  • Offer of products at different prices
  • Enhancement of proactive communication with client through innovative channels
  • Massive attraction of new clients
  • Barriers to change (client retention)

Direct benefits

  • Increased consumption due to higher credit card utilization
  • TPA sales to all promoters of the member network/more transactions through TPA
  • Tax benefits arising from the provision of credit points
  • Enhance the sales of new products
  • Sale of loyalty services
  • Creation of an innovative, hard to imitate community