00:56 Wednesday, 14-Apr-2021

Any product that owes its differentiation just to its additives is subjected to a high price sensitivity. This fact may result in a large dispersion of the customer when choosing the “brand” to fuel their vehicles. From the customer’s angle, the perspective of discounts at any store belonging to a network offering interesting and useful products can even override the investment in an improved customer service.

Customer loyalty mechanisms organized in a network can therefore transform any commodity into a highly differentiated product, since they can allow customers to accumulate credit points that will grant them access to specific discounts in gas. If you extend your discount offer to other areas such as tickets for movie theatres, purchase in supermarkets or credits in communications you will be able to target an even larger amount of customers. Statistics show that it is possible to increase the percentage of sales by two digits through the implementation of customer loyalty programs in business communities.

The pre-paid card brings a significant initial financial benefit to the petrol station since its associated cost will only occur at the time of the fuel supply. The credit points are granted at the time of the payment with the pre-paid fleet card.

Main features

  • Characterization and segmentation of member customers
  • Offer of products at different prices
  • Enhancement of proactive communication with the client through innovative channels by displaying gas rates according to customer’s habits
  • Massive attraction of new clients
  • Barriers to change (client retention)

Direct benefits

  • Increased consumption due to use of pre-paid Card for fleets (mobile money)
  • Financial income before incurring in costs
  • Logistics management for fuel distribution through gas stations
  • Tax benefits arising from the provision of credit points
  • Creation of a community which will be difficult to imitate