07:32 Saturday, 15-May-2021

Competition is increasingly fierce and therefore capturing clients is becoming more difficult, added to the fact that clients are becoming more and more demanding.

Every day we receive an overload of information and an excess of requests and new offers that flood the market. Retaining clients is essential to the survival of your company. The challenge lays in offering benefits that extend to your partner’s product offer, that appeal to the interest and preferences of your guest and bring them happiness, and that can therefore retain a loyal customer base.

Main features

  • Characterization and segmentation of member customers
  • Offer of products at different prices
  • Enhancement of proactive communication with client through innovative channels
  • Massive attraction of new clients by offering catalogues with a wide offer of products that appeal to customers
  • Barriers to change (client retention)

Direct benefits

  • Increase in sales
  • Boost sales of new products/services
  • Greater bargaining power with suppliers/partners
  • Being a pioneer in creating an innovative community
  • Leverage the ‘word-of-mouth’ effect of social networks
  • More clients, more sales per customer