07:57 Saturday, 15-May-2021

Contrary to what one would suppose, the demanding challenges that companies are currently experiencing forces them to adopt mechanisms that attract and retain employees. Employee loyalty did not disappear –it has changed – and companies must therefore adapt to this new concept in order to reduce employee rotation and its associated costs. And in order to retain and attract the best possible people it is necessary to adopt reward mechanisms that are linked with the assessment of individual performance, specific for every function and position of your employees. If you do not have any employee performance assessment tool, this a good starting point.

Main features

  • Assessment and follow-up of employees’ goals (quarterly, biannually), converted into credits
  • Offer of a benefits catalogue by segment / function
  • Use of company card to convert credits into benefits at member partner’s stores
  • Attract and retain employees

Direct benefits

  • Motivation due to the implementation of an incentive system
  • Differentiation (company culture)
  • Foster the interest in new challenges within the company
  • Decrease costs associated with rewards due to the creation of partnerships
  • Reduction of costs associated with the need to replace best employees