06:20 Saturday, 15-May-2021

Retail sector is facing an intense competition. Latest statistics show that loyalty programs are surpassing hard-discount strategies since they allow you to manage customer’s price sensitivity to your advantage: you can influence purchase behaviors linked to price differentiation by presenting the Recommended Retail Price to customers with less price sensitivity and applying discount strategies to more sensitive customers.

The creation of a sales community enables you to expand your range of credit points utilization, therefore enhancing customer loyalty due to your offer of appealing products and services.

Main features

  • Characterization and segmentation of member customers
  • Offer of products at different prices
  • Enhancement of proactive communication with the customer within stores (cross-selling and up-selling)
  • Massive attraction of new customers
  • Barriers to change (client retention)

Direct benefits

  • Tax benefits arising from the provision of credit points
  • Creation of a community which will be difficult to imitate