00:42 Wednesday, 14-Apr-2021

The underlying economic crisis has leaded, among other problems, to the emergence of a ‘new poverty’. As the current recession becomes increasingly relevant it is imperative to analyze its economic, politic and demographic impact.

These tough times, where investment sources are scarce, often foment the discovery of innovative solutions and the adoption of alternative models that can turn the demographic decrease, boost traditional commerce and support the less privileged population.

Truly+ City addresses the need to promote a tighter integration and a more consistent use of some resources and capabilities of strategic nature for the future of our cities, as well as the search for a differentiated positioning regarding integration and development of its communities.

Main features

  • Characterization of the population
  • Offer of services at differentiated rates according to the needs of every citizen
  • Provision of Pre-paid card that can be used for city services
  • Operational efficiency in the utilization of new resources
  • Improved proactive communication with citizens

Direct benefits

  • Regular update of population demographics
  • Financial benefits before incurring in costs (service provision)
  • Stimulation of the community, with allocation of benefits to residents
  • Support to traditional retail
  • Follow-up of volunteer cluster