23:38 Tuesday, 13-Apr-2021

Out-of the Box PoS terminals

Client Cards and Vouchers can be issued in several bar-code or QR-code formats that can be read by any PoS terminal.

However, in order to make sure that the PoS will make a correct interpretation and validation of these codes, it needs to be integrated into the platform. This will in turn require a detailed analysis of each device that are used and the best way to allow the integration with the largest possible number of stores.

Truly+ provides an out-of-the-box PoS that guarantees instant access to the platform and will cover all the procedures needed for a correct operation and access to discounts. This PoS is currently available for smartphones than run at least the Android 2.1 software. Other mobile phones will have access through the SMS channel.

  • Instant (out-of-the-box) utilization
  • Mobile terminal, can be carried into any corner of the store.
  • 24x7 access through the GPRS (smartphone) or SMS (any mobile phone) channel
  • Automatic scanning of Client Card, of vouchers and product codes (smartphone)