06:56 Saturday, 15-May-2021

The emergence of new players that provide contents promote adherence to innovative loyalty programs as a sustainable way to increase market share.

Increase in competition ensures freedom of choice and a higher quality of the services provided through the promotion of a healthy competition. However it also creates additional challenges not only to incumbent operators, but mainly to enterprises that want to enter the sector.

Apart from fighting for market share, companies now also have to implement loyalty mechanisms that can retain its customers from the very beginning.

Main features

  • Easy enrolment to the loyalty program
  • Massive customer attraction through the diversified offer of products which interest the customer due to your business partnerships
  • Switching costs
  • Recognition and segmentation of customers according to behavior, purchase potential and market value
  • Maximize the use of the smartphone channel in order to communicate in the geo-temporal space of your customer
  • Leverage the “word of mouth effect” in the social networks – the best publicity is made by satisfied clients
  • Provide an out-of-the-box Android ™PoS

Direct Benefits

  • Significant reduction of Churn Rate
  • Increase of average gains per customer
  • Tax benefits due to provisioning of credit points
  • Price differentiation, allowing for a better utilization of your installed capacity
  • Sale of marketing services to your partners and market
  • Be a pioneer in the creation of an innovative community that is difficult to imitate